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So, here’s a passage I read this week that made me smile.  It is from The Double Comfort Safari Club by Alexander McCall Smith:

“No, he mused: there is no such thing as a perfect car, and if every car had its good and bad points, it was the same with people.  Just as every person had his or her little ways–habits that niggled or irritated others, annoying mannerisms, vices and failings, moments of selfishness–so too did they have their good points: a winning smile, an infectious sense of humor, the ability to cook a favourite dish just the way you wanted it.

That was the way the world was; it was composed of a few almost perfect people (ourselves); then there were a good many people who generally did their best but were not all that perfect (our friends and colleagues); and finally, there were a few rather nasty ones (our enemies and opponents).  Most people fell into that middle group–those who did their best–and the last group was, thankfully, very small and not much in evidence in places like Botswana where he was fortunate enough to live.”

This is the kind of delightfully simple, endearing, and human dialogue that comes out of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Series.  Have you read any?  I love them for a quick, uplifting read with some substance.

This quote especially caught my attention because much as I would hate to admit it…it is likely that often my view of others doesn’t stray far from Mr. JLB Matekoni’s thoughts here. 🙂

Feel free to share any good bits you have come across, as well.

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  1. I have all 13 books of the series – and love each one dearly. They are all rich with great wisdom and insight, totally uplifting, and a “feel good glad I read it” after buying and reading them

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