1.  Will there be a sequel to Journey to the Fringe?

There is definitely more to this story.  I have written a sequel to Journey and plan on writing a third, but publication dates are pending at this point. I am also working on another fun YA fantasy that I am very excited about, and will post updates about this and other work here on the site in the future.

2. Where did you get your inspiration for Journey to the Fringe?

 Although the book is not firmly based on any specific person or place, I tend to keep mental of notes of things I observe—songs I hear, beautiful scenes, things people do or say.  Many of my thoughts for this book developed on my daily commute to work from Brigham City to Logan, Utah through Sardine Canyon.  Anyone who frequents this winding little canyon will be aware of just how inspiring this landscape can be with the changing seasons—including snowy peaks, mountain lakes, changing leaves, wildflower-covered slopes, and occasional gusting winds.  I also draw a good deal on my extensive reading (see, all that time with your head in a book can pay off!).  Eventually, I  compile the details and ideas into the kind of story that I would like to read.

3. Is that you on the cover?

No, really.  I get asked this quite a bit by people who know me.  But let me set the record straight by saying that any resemblance in the beautiful cover art to my actual average person (namely the curly brown hair) is coincidental; the artist was unaware of my personal appearance when the cover was designed.  I have described Princess Ivy as having curly hair…but this was more in an effort to illustrate the unruly parts of her nature than to draw any comparisons to myself.

4. What advice do you have for writers hoping to be published?

 This subject requires more space than I’m going to currently give it.  But the short answers are: 1. Read, read, read (and not just your genre of choice. Diversify!).  2. Revise, revise, revise.  Don’t get too attached to your current draft—it can always be improved. 3. Finally, don’t give up!  It’s a big reading world out there.  There is room for you!